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Aila, St. Jude Medical employee volunteer for Girls, Science and Technology annual event


employee volunteer

When I volunteer for Girls, Science and Technology, it’s thrilling to see kids get excited and hear them share something they’ve learned.


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Helping to Make Lives Better Through Patient Support

As a company, we are committed to saving and improving lives. As a member of the global community, and along with the St. Jude Medical Foundation, we take that commitment to heart—by dedicating our time and resources from around the world to support patients affected by epidemic diseases.

One example: Championing pediatric cardiology

Children with heart-related health challenges motivate us to do the work we do at St. Jude Medical. In fact, we not only make medical devices to help small hearts work better, but we volunteer for such children. These kids also motivate the St. Jude Medical Foundation to do the work it does. As a result, St. Jude Medical and the St. Jude Medical Foundation support nonprofit charitable organizations dedicated to the cause. Here are a few examples of what we at St. Jude Medical and the people of St. Jude Medical Foundation do to champion pediatric cardiology:

  • We support and volunteer at Camp Odayin.
    • This Minnesota camp for kids with congenital heart disease provides a safe and fun experience and builds community. All counselors, nurses and cardiologists are volunteers.
  • We also support Camp del Corazon.
    • This residential camp on California’s Catalina Island provides kids living with heart disease the chance to experience all that residential summer camp has to offer and to connect with other kids with heart defects. More than 80 volunteers make up the staff.
  • We partner with Mended Little Hearts
    • Through education and advocacy, this nonprofit organization aims to help families of children with a heart defect. Its Mended Little HeartGuide, supported through funding by St. Jude Medical, is a digital guidebook and online resource for families and caregivers to navigate a congenital heart defect diagnosis.
  • We host educational events.
    • During the summer of 2014, employees at our Costa Rica manufacturing plant celebrated the lives of 15 children with cardiac device implants. The day was filled with time for games, face painting and shared stories.
  • We fund Children’s HeartLink.
    • This charitable nonprofit works globally, training health care professionals to treat children with congenital heart disease. Children’s HeartLink, St. Jude Medical and the St. Jude Medical Foundation have enabled over 100,000 children living with heart disease in underserved regions of the world receive treatment and high-quality cardiac care by providing clinical training to health care professionals.