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The Application Process

Global job openings at St. Jude Medical

Jobs Outside the U.S.

To learn about employment in locations other than the U.S. and Puerto Rico, contact us.

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Position Yourself to Succeed: The Application Process

You are confident, imaginative and driven. You care about others and are passionate about saving and improving lives. You think globally. 

We are looking for people like you. 

We understand that applying for jobs can be stressful. By outlining our application process below, we let you know what to expect, so you can prepare yourself for what is next.  

Set yourself up for success

To learn about and apply for jobs within the United States and Puerto Rico*, create a St. Jude Medical Career Profile. This allows you to register for job alerts based on search criteria you select. You will receive an e-mailed notification whenever we post a job that matches your profile. You must have a profile set up to apply for a position.

When you create your profile, you will be able to save or upload a copy of your resume or attach files, such as a cover letter, reference information or your academic transcript, in the File Attachments section. This retains your formatting and enables you to quickly apply when jobs post. Be sure to keep your documents up to date. You can overwrite files by attaching a new file with the same name and file extension.

Some tips:

  • Keep your resume up to date. That way, when positions open up, you can apply quickly. We keep resumes for at least two years.
  • Apply for more than one position. You can save jobs to your cart or apply as you discover them. For each job, you need to click Apply, follow the directions and finish by clicking Submit. An e-mail confirms each successful application.
  • You do not have to tailor your resume to every position. But if you choose to, make sure you clearly label it for the targeted position.

Use of search firms

We do not accept unsolicited resumes from search firms or recruiting agencies. If we need the assistance of a search firm, we will contact the firm and require a signed agency agreement. If you would like to be considered for a position, you must submit your resume directly online. 

Fraud Notice

At St. Jude Medical, we take the protection of personal information for our employees, patients and other stakeholders very seriously. We are aware of job postings being made by people who claim to be recruiters for St. Jude Medical, even using St. Jude Medical employee names and e-mail addresses with St. Jude Medical in the address, but who are in no way affiliated with St. Jude Medical. We have also been made aware of people posing as St. Jude Medical recruiters and making contact about job opportunities and extending job offers via text message, instant message or chat rooms. These job postings and offers are fraudulent.

For more information about fraudulent job postings, including how to better identify them and report them, read our fraud notice:

PDF Fraud Notice to Job Seekers (24kb)

If you are interested in applying for a St. Jude Medical position, visit our job search portal.

You see your dream job. Now what?

Our hiring process generally goes like this:

  1. You apply for a position online. 
  2. You receive an e-mailed confirmation that we received your resume. 
  3. Our human resources team reviews your resume. Depending on the volume of resumes for a position, the hiring manager may also look at it. 
  4. If you are not qualified for the position or if you have applied too late to be considered, you will receive e-mailed notification. 
  5. We commonly prescreen applicants by arranging a phone interview. We call you to obtain more information and to share additional information about our company and the position. 
  6. If we would like to learn more about you, the hiring manager or someone from that team may request an additional phone interview. 
  7. If there is continued interest, we schedule an on-site interview. Note: Sometimes, due to travel schedules and the type of position, you may have multiple on-site interviews. 
  8. If you are selected for the position, you will work directly with an HR representative to discuss the offer and complete pre-employment screening such as a background check and/or drug screening. 

*To learn about open positions in locations other than the U.S. and Puerto Rico, contact us.