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Chronic Pain Patient Stories

At St. Jude Medical, we are proud to help patients manage their chronic pain so they can live their lives to the fullest.

Each of our chronic pain patient stories reflects one person’s experience. Keep in mind that not everyone will experience the same results. Talk to your doctor about the benefits and risks of your pain management options. And please note that St. Jude Medical does not provide medical services or advice as part of this website. 

Adam’s Story

After surviving a skydiving accident and spending six weeks in a coma, a former Army parachutist finds relief from his chronic pain with neurostimulation.

Charles’ Story

Neurostimulation, which Charles first tried with a temporary system, helps this father end his 10-year battle with pain.

Denita’s Chronic Pain Story

Having experienced a near-fatal car accident involving a drunk driver, Denita refuses to let chronic pain shatter her life and leads a more active life with neurostimulation.

Kim’s Story

Kim, a former hospital administrator and nurse whose chronic pain robbed her of sleep and restricted her mobility, finds relief from her chronic pain with neurostimulation.

Kimberly’s Story

Finally experiencing relief from her chronic pain, Kim starts her life as a new bride and leaves her pain behind after trying spinal cord stimulation with a temporary system.

Sally’s Story

Diagnosed with spinal stenosis and three bulging discs, Sally, a Taekwondo world champion, stands up to chronic pain and find relief with spinal cord stimulation.

Val’s Story

Trying neurostimulation with a temporary system and putting pain that was related to a spinal problem behind her, Val, New York state mother, hikes her way back to an active life.

Weshon’s Story

Experiencing a work-related injury, then back pain and multiple surgeries, Weshon moves from a temporary neurostimulator to an implanted “pacemaker for pain,” which helps this electrician get back on his feet.

Zac’s Story

While training for the Ironman race on his bicycle, Zac, a firefighter, was hit by a car. With serious injuries, he eventually battles his chronic pain with neurostimulation.

Zach’s Story

On his second tour of duty in Iraq, Zach sustained a serious injury during a military operation. Back home in the U.S., this wounded warrior uses neurostimulation to combat his pain.