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Heart Failure Management

Receiving a Heart Failure Treatment Procedure 

Undergoing a procedure for heart failure can be a major step toward feeling better. Depending on your condition and the type of procedure you need, you might even be home and recovering the same day as your surgery and well on your way to life after treatment.

Implant procedures 

If you will be undergoing a procedure to help treat or monitor your heart failure, you may feel more comfortable if you know what to expect. Your doctor and medical team are the best source of information, so be sure to ask questions if you do not understand or want to know more.

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Immediate recovery 

After undergoing a surgical procedure, you should always follow your doctor’s directions. If you experience signs of infection, heart trouble or depression, contact your doctor right away. Keep all scheduled appointments after your procedure, and share ideas with your family and friends about how they can help you during your recovery.

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