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Guides and Brochures

Our Traveling Patient Clinic Locator helps you find clinics in select countries that work with certain Abbott devices.

Education Opportunities

Patient Stories

Read about the experiences of heart failure patients and how treatment helped them.

CRT-P, CRT-D and LVAD Information

View and print these guides and brochures to help you learn more about heart failure, cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemakers (CRT-P), cardiac resynchronization therapy implantable cardioverter defibrillators (CRT-D), left ventricular assist devices (LVAD), remote monitoring, and recovery after treatment.


PDF Questions to Ask (42.5 kb)
Bring this list of questions about heart failure to your next appointment with your doctor—and be sure to take notes during your conversation.

PDF Talking to Your Doctor: Treatment Conversation Checklist (42.7 kb)
Ask your doctor these questions about test results, the severity of your condition, treatment options and what to expect during treatment.

PDF Recovery Checklist (58.4 kb)
Use our checklist to plan for discussions with your doctor about recovery and rehabilitation.


PDF Living With Your CRT Device (292 kb)
Find answers questions about the implantation procedure, safety and use and daily living with your device.

PDF Connecting With Your Doctor From Home (393.13 kb)
An explanation of remote monitoring and remote follow-up with the Merlin@home™ Transmitter, with answers to common questions. 

PDF HeartMate 3™ LVAD Patient Education Brochure (5.61 mb)
Learn about advanced heart failure, the HeartMate 3™ LVAD technology and components, and how receiving the device can help recipients live fuller lives.