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Our Solutions

Safety and use information

Safety and Use

Find important safety and use information for heart valves.

Our Heart Valve Replacement Solutions

With more than 30 years of heart valve expertise, St. Jude Medical designs and builds prosthetic heart valves and products for heart valve repair to help treat and manage heart valve disease. Our goal is to help you return to a healthy, active life.

Tissue heart valves

Tissue heart valves are made from porcine (pig) heart valves or bovine (cow) heart tissue (or a combination of the two). Studies show the excellent durability of St. Jude Medical™ tissue heart valves.1,2

Learn more about tissue heart valves.

Mechanical heart valves

We manufacture St. Jude Medical™ valves using strong, man-made materials and we have designed them to last a lifetime for patients of any age. Long-term studies show that our mechanical heart valves consistently mimic the blood flow regulated by natural valves, which allows patients to continue enjoying the same level of activity throughout their lifetime.3,4

Learn more about mechanical heart valves.


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