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Heart Valve Disease

Aging couple gazing at each other by the ocean
Aging couple gazing at each other by the ocean

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Find answers to your questions about heart valve repair and replacement.

What Is Heart Valve Disease?

You may have heart valve disease if one or more of your heart valves does not open or close properly due to things like infection, aging or birth defects.

Symptoms and causes

Types of heart valve disease

Tests and diagnosis

Treatment Options

Your cardiologist will know how your heart valve disease should be treated. The decision will be based on the type of heart valve disease, the severity of the damage, your age and your medical history.

Heart valve repair

Heart valve replacement

Talking about your options

Getting Treatment

Depending on your condition and the type of procedure you need, getting treatment can be a major step toward feeling better.

Heart valve procedures

Recovering after your procedure

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Safety and use information

Safety and Use

Find important safety and use information for heart valves.

animations and videos, including patient stories, to help you learn about your condition.

Guides and brochures
Guides and Brochures

Find guides and brochures to help you learn more about heart valve disease, treatment options and recovery.