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Getting a Deep Brain Stimulation System

Receiving Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy

Finding a way to manage your symptoms can be a major step toward living your best life if you have a movement disorder. If your doctor prescribes deep brain stimulation (DBS) for you, you will have surgery to implant a DBS device. Talk to your doctor for more information on what to do before and after your procedure.

Receiving an implanted device

You will undergo surgery to have your DBS system implanted by a specially trained neurosurgeon. Before your procedure, you will go through a number of evaluations and receive pre-surgery instructions.

Learn more about receiving an implanted device.

Recovering after your procedure

After an implant procedure, it is important to keep all of your doctor appointments, take good care of yourself and connect with others for support. If you experience signs of infection or depression, contact your doctor right away.

Learn more about recovering after your procedure.