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Resources and Support

Deep Brain Stimulation Resources and Support

While your best source of support is your medical team, our deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy resources can help you better understand what having a DBS system can involve.

Device ID card

If you have a DBS system, you will receive a patient ID card that you can show at airport security checkpoints and any time you need medical help.

Learn more about your device ID card.

Safety and use

Find safety information and product advisories for St. Jude Medical™ DBS systems.

See information about safety and use.

Guides and brochures

Find guidance and information about deep brain stimulation.

Access our guides and brochures.

Videos and media

Watch videos and animations about DBS therapy.

Browse our videos and media.

Frequently asked questions

See frequently asked questions about deep brain stimulation.

Explore our frequently asked questions.


Use this glossary for reference about medical and other terms.

Access our glossary.