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Traveling Patient Clinic Locator

Patient talking to a doctor
Patient talking to a doctor

Get Support for Your Pacemaker, ICD, CRT-P or CRT-D While Traveling

If you have a St. Jude Medical™ pacemaker, implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) or CRT device and will be travelling in Canada or select countries in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa or the Middle East, finding a clinic that can support you is easy.

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St. Jude Medical does not endorse any of the clinics on this locator, but merely provides them as a courtesy to patients, nor does St. Jude Medical represent that this is a full list of clinics in a particular location. The clinics are included in the locator because they provide implantable device support for St. Jude Medical devices; therefore the directory is not meant to be an endorsement for any particular clinic. Clinics may be ranked in alphabetical order or by proximity. Note that St. Jude Medical is a medical device manufacturer and cannot provide medical advice.
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Bookmark our Traveling Patient Clinic Locator tool on your smartphone, tablet or laptop to easily search for clinics in select countries that support certain St. Jude Medical™ devices.

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