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Environmental Management Policy


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Environmental Management Policy

St. Jude Medical has implemented the following programs related to environmental issues:

  • We will establish, document, implement, maintain and continuously improve an environmental management system. This environmental management system will fulfill all requirements of ISO 14001.
  • At all times, we will comply with or exceed all applicable environmental legal requirements.
  • All activities, products and services of St. Jude Medical can cause impact on the environment. In addition to complying with all applicable environmental legal requirements, we are committed to reducing, minimizing or preventing pollution or other negative impact its business can have on the environment. This commitment must be balanced with all other components of St. Jude Medical’s programs for sustainable success.
  • We will develop and maintain environmental performance evaluation procedures and other associated indicators to support and document a meaningful program of continuous improvement with respect to St. Jude Medical’s impact on the environment.
  • We will publish reports regarding the status of our program to reduce, minimize or prevent pollution or other negative impacts our business can have on the environment.
  • St. Jude Medical’s environmental policy will be communicated to all people who work for or on behalf of the company. This policy also will be made available to the public.