Movement Disorders

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Advanced DBS Technology for a Better Therapy Today

Investing in innovation for tomorrow

Movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor and dystonia take a devastating emotional and economic toll on patients and their families. As the symptoms of these progressive diseases become harder to manage, patients are looking for ways to take back control over their lives.

At Abbott, we can help you achieve symptom control for your patients through clinically proven deep brain stimulation (DBS) technologies that help improve outcomes, reduce medication and provide a better patient experience.1,2 At the same time, we are investing in tomorrow’s DBS therapies by partnering with physicians like you to advance clinical research that will drive innovation, improve efficacy and ultimately transform the treatment of movement disorders.


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Deep Brain Stimulation Portfolio

Our latest DBS system enhances DBS therapy care for physicians and provides patients with a better therapy experience.

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Discover a Better DBS Experience

At St. Jude Medical, we focus on innovation inspired by the needs and experiences of patients. Like you, we are dedicated to improving patient lives, including living with a DBS system, so they can focus on what really matters. The latest St. Jude Medical™ DBS technology incorporates cutting-edge innovations to improve DBS therapy care for both physicians and patients.

  • Confidently deliver stimulation to target area with new directional lead technology
  • Conveniently manage treatment with Bluetooth®‡ wireless technology using Apple™ mobile digital devices
  • Redefine patient comfort with smart IPG design—featuring the smallest bilateral primary cell IPG on the market3

Learn more about the benefits of St. Jude Medical™ DBS solutions.

Clinical Research: Partnerships for Today and Tomorrow

At St. Jude Medical, we believe research based on objective measures will drive more innovation in the treatment of movement disorders. Our vision is to partner with physicians like you to provide patients with proven therapies today while pursuing objective evidence to build the therapy innovations of tomorrow.

See Clinical Evidence
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Apple is a trademark of Apple, Inc. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
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