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Stabilizing blood flow during PCI

When faced with a hemodynamically compromised patient during a PCI procedure, you want a heart pump that can quickly restore blood flow to stabilize the patient. Our percutaneous heart pumps feature a low-profile cannula inserted with an introducer sheath. Once in the heart, the cannula expands to almost double its size, allowing near-full blood flow to resume.

The heart pump featured here represents a solution with our latest technologies. You can find other vascular products in our full product catalog.

Percutaneous Heart Pumps

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HeartMate PHP™ Catheter Pump, an acute percutaneous heart pump, with generator

HeartMate PHP™ Catheter Pump

The HeartMate PHP™ Catheter Pump percutaneously delivers hemodynamic support during high-risk PCI procedures. The system’s low-profile cannula expands in the left ventricle to quickly provide a stabilizing mean blood flow of over 4 L/min.1

1. Thoratec Corporation. (2015). HeartMate PHP™ Catheter Pump instructions for use. Pleasanton, CA.