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   40 Years of St. Jude Medical| 3:06

   Ever since a patient received our revolutionary first heart valve, a product that changed the industry and quickly became the gold standard, we have transformed patients’ lives.



   Advancing the Practice of Medicine| 3:35

   We are proud of our work to help save and improve lives, including our many decades of valve innovations.



   Agilis™ NxT Steerable Introducer Demonstration| 6:31

   See an in-depth description and demonstration of the Agilis™ NxT steerable introducer.



   AMPLATZER™ Amulet™ Left Atrial Appendage Occluder| 1:14

   This device is designed to completely seal the left atrial appendage at the ostium.



   AMPLATZER™ Duct Occluder II: Ch. 1| 1:11

   See the introduction to a series of procedural videos about the AMPLATZER™ Duct Occluder II, designed for the patent ductus arteriosus.



   AMPLATZER™ Duct Occluder II: Ch. 2| 1:57

   Learn about the components of the AMPLATZER™ Duct Occluder II and AMPLATZER™ delivery systems.



   AMPLATZER™ Duct Occluder II: Ch. 3 | 1:23

   Learn the necessary measurements and evaluations to accurately size the defect and select the correct device size.



   AMPLATZER™ Duct Occluder II: Ch. 4| 1:25

   See how to prepare the AMPLATZER™ Duct Occluder II for delivery to the patent ductus arteriosus.



   AMPLATZER™ Duct Occluder II: Ch. 5| 2:36

   Learn about delivering, positioning and, if needed, repositioning or removing the AMPLATZER™ Duct Occluder II.



   AMPLATZER™ Duct Occluder II: Ch. 6| 1:06

   See how to use a left arterial approach, made possible by the device’s symmetrical design.